Mr Singh's Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce 275g

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The award-winning, all-natural Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce which made Mr Singh’s famous. No artificial additives or preservatives. Hot and delicious! A deep, rich, umami flavour with a hint of sweetness. The perfect balance. A delicious flavour with a pleasurable chilli kick at the back of your throat. The original and one of the best chilli sauces ever created! Made in Britain.

Created over 25 years ago, this sauce is historically hot!  

*Vegan friendly*

    Great for use as a ● Dipping Sauce ● Cooking Sauce ● Marinade ● Perfect in Bloody Mary or Caesar drinks


    • Tomatoes
    • Brown Sugar
    • Red Birds Eye Chilli
    • Salt
    • Premium Malt Vinegar (contains Barley, Gluten)
    • Premium Dark Soy Sauce (contains Water, Sugar, Molasses, Soybeans, Salt & Wheat)